Crystals & Corruption

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Crystals & Corruption

A grand epic adventure, where our heroes try to navigate a high magic, high stakes realm, where crystals of massive power are changing the landscape. Devastating enemies scramble to get control over seven very powerful crystal catalysts to cause destruction and calamity. Some working to summon The Endbringer Dark God, Grok.



The Dragon

Dragon/~?yo/Party Leader

BOW! (I’m the Great and All Powerful Party Leader Mete.) WOW! (I get shinies for tricks)




Human/19yo/ Rogue Thief

Perrotte has a keen-eye for the finer things in life. Those who get on his bad side would do well to keep their belongings under a close watch. With his quick feet and even quicker wit he is a valuable asset to any group... if they can convince him to stay for more than one job.


the Armorer

Half elf/drow/ 28yo/ Artificer Armorer

She is a talented armorer in search of her lost family. A no-nonsense and prideful half-drow who lives life standing on her feet and fighting to protect those close to her.


Teifling/29yo/Echo Knight

The world has not been kind to Syb. She’s learned to do what it takes to finish a job, even when no one else will. With years of experience dungeoneering and adventuring, she knows when a good opportunity falls into her lap. This ragtag group seemed like just the curious opportunity she has been looking for.




Human/24yo/ Warlock UA undead

Zach was just on a journey to find his granny, when he happened on some strange adventurers and sickness that temporarily took his granny. Found with a new purpose Zach joined the party to save more people from the evil going on around him. 



Half Orc/24yo/Monk 4 Elements

Hailing from a monastery in the Greyback mountains, Genki set out to spread positivity and find enlightenment. Along the way he found the party in need of major positivity. Punching people into happiness didn’t last long till Genki found he was marked by the one eyed god of all orcs, and is now on a quest on how to be relieved of this burden

Crystals crunch


Pre adventure: Party meets up for a mission to check out a possible magical virus in the next town. Along the way they run into Zach’s grandma who falls ill to the same sickness. They move onward to the town to find more info.


Episode 1: They came to town and met up with the Chief, Ama. She passed along a red crystal filled with magic energy to the party and followed its energy to a cave outside town. They fought a corrupt priest, ending the plague and abandoned the crystal because it had corrupting properties. 


Episode 2: They return to town. The next morning the plague was still ongoing and they were ordered to return to the cave to finish the job they started. They confronted Ama who was also in on the operation, and she escaped to another plane when they shattered the source of her power. 

Episode 3: the party does a follow up investigation in town, uncovering bits about Ama’s past and her connection with a dark god. The town banished them when they were unable to prove the chief was alive and involved in the sickness. The party agrees to help some goblins rescue their children.


Episode 4: Perrotte directs the party into a cave of peril and traps to get a golden statue for a job. They discover that it’s inhabited by a race of sponge people in a state of petrification and with the party's help they are revived. As thanks they give the party a large gold crystal. 


Episode 5: They reach the goblin encampment and find that a Hag is keeping the children. The party journey into her lair. After several tough fights they battle the hag and eventually rescue the goblin kids and bring them home. 


Episode 6: The party finds the first big town of the country, Targanok. They are brought in for questioning by the Queen of the city and she orders them to quell the resistance movement. They agree, and instead, they join the resistance themselves. 


Episode 7: They take part in a plan made by the daughter of the queen, Freye. They fight their way through the castle and let Freye confront her mother. She’s engulfed in a wave of magic and the party rushes in to save her. 


 Episode 8: Freye is alive but unconscious and the party is warped to the basement to fight the queen. After a long hard battle they kill the queen and freye is woken up. The party finds that the throne doesn’t pass to freye but to the queen’s most powerful guards. They resolve to end this fight for good and defeat the generals.


Episode 9: Party confronts generals in the War Room. Party wins, killing one brother and capturing the other. Freye says there will be a party to honor the Heroes efforts tomorrow.


Episode 10: Freye throws a party where we find out Genki has a dark mark of Grumish, the one eyed Orc God, and that the adventurer's guild is looking for 7 deadly powerful crystals. At the end of the party the princess executes her brother in a flash of fire balls, the last going aray and hitting the castle. 


Episode 11: Party rushed to put out the flames and found it’s already handled. They were asked to visit the town mage for a job to get herbs and promised a large sum in return. Party gets a letter saying on the way to this next job they can also make some extra cash at a manor for a security detail.


Episode 12: Party arrives at murder manor. Party is introduced to another party that quickly found that one servant had been under a geas spell. Once quickly dispelled, the servant ran to Targanok to get help while the two parties took on the baroness, and won.


Episode 13: Party adventured on to collect the herbs for the mage only to find out that the plants they seek are sentient beings, being tormented by a great devil. Party agreed to dispatch the red plant that was tormenting the plants in exchange for a youngling and a limb of the leader. Party decided to leave the youngling taking the limb after defeating that devil. Party was given an ominous warning that Ama was causing havoc in the capital of the country and the party made haste. 


Episode 14: Party turns in the herbs to the mage and sets out for the capital. Upon arriving the party visits some shops and stays at a local tourist tavern. Party witnesses Ama on the television news standing next to the mayor, and investigates the mayor's manor.


Episode 15: One member in collecting things around the city finds where they can find Ama alone at the top of the tallest tower in the city. Party starts planning for a tower siege at midnight tonight. 


Episode 16: Perrote mage hands Ama’s powerful crystal focus before going through a test of wrath. Sybyll killed Ama by throwing her off the tower after pelting her with metal arrows, ending her reign of terror. The Capital started throwing their winter festival where the entire party took part while waiting for their boat to take them to the main continent.  

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