Clover is a free spirit creating in the colorful mountains of Colorado. Experimental and always pushing the boundaries with her art for the last 5 years of successful freelance graphic design while expanding mastery in the knowledge of other textiles and mediums, such as painting, macrame, resin, digital, and singing
Choosing to specialize in high-end print clothing, macrame hemp jewelry, and digital download coloring pages, was a decision made purely out of the want of these things to be real. I create things that make my heart happy and I hope they brighten your heart as well! 
I grew up watching anime every day after school I would come home sit in front of the TV. First was Pokemon, then Digimon, and if I was patient and watched long enough Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon and Kiki's Delivery Service were the first movies I asked my mom to play over and over I wanted to draw pretty girls like that and be magical too! Then I begged my mom for all the Pokemon cards, I never played the game I just wanted to trace the pokemon and pretend they were mine! The anime style is and will always be a heavy influence on my art, anytime I needed an escape there was an anime world to hop into! I am inspired by other artists' passion and drive they put into a piece more than the subject. My current inspirations include but not limited to Anilyst, Lavendar Towne, Rafi and Klee, and Raedizzle. Please check them out they are always pushing their fans to be the best versions of themselves!
The reason behind my space theme everything! I truly believe all the answers lie out in the cosmos, as well as the mesmerizing colors and swirls of the universe, I believe space is one of the most beautifully mysterious subjects to capture! Nature being second and human figures being third.
My hope on this website is not only to show my art and have a place to sell it but also to have a forum for other free-spirited artists and art lovers to come together, discuss and support each other! Spread knowledge of art on my Blog and gather tips and tricks for everyone to improve from!
Anime, Art, Jewelry have given me confidence, joy, and the chance at adding some real magic to my life! I want to add a little magic to others! 
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